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 Balance Board Force Plate
 It gives the instructor a better understanding of the golf swing, ranging from weight shifting patterns and balance down to details of foot pressure distributions. None of these elements can be determined by the best trained eye or even high-speed cameras. The Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with the video image.

This Force plate is an ultra high resolution force plate to evaluate balance and weight transfer during a golf swing. The force signals and synchronized video are recorded in parallel and then interactively analyzed in detail. Poor balance and an irregular weight shift are often responsible for swing flaws resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome of the shot. 
Graphical reports show your individual swing characteristics and allow to tailor and test specifictraining interventions. In the split screen mode your data can even be directly compared to a professional player.

The system has taken biomechanical weight transfer analysis technology to the next level by giving the golf instructor or golfer the ability to:

Left/right foot and heel/toe balance analysis
Synchronized dual view mode for comparison
Watch live data in 2D views
Calculates the center-of-pressure and shows data in real time
See and review a video recording of the swing in-sync with the weight transfer data
Replay mode gives user the ability to view data in slow motion and in a single step mode 

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