College Golf Recruiting Consulting

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I am teaming up with recruiters to help High School players find the right place to go when they want to play golf at a college level.  

Here is the start of the process to help you out.

College Recruiting Checklist

Know the NCAA Rules
Set Goals (whats your vision)
Practice with a Purpose
Get an Evaluation
Build a Resume
Create a Swing Video
Contact Realistic Schools
Make Visits
Ask the Right Questions
Find the right choice that is the Best

Knowing the NCAA rules 

Register at the NCAA eligibility center by junior year WWW.eligibilitycenter.org 
Print out a copy of the guide for the colleges bound student athlete. 
D1 coaches can't reply to an athlete's email or return phone calls until September 1 of junior year but they can respond to swing and high school coaches help the player to be more proactive.
Practice with a purpose
Encourage players to start a notebook of their practice and track their progress.
Goal oriented drills are a great way to prepare the junior golfer for college golf and help their game in the process.
Time management skills are number one factor coaches say incoming freshmen struggle with followed by a lack of work ethic and structure.

Get an evaluation
Evaluate a player based off their goals and realistic opportunity to play at the college level.
Recruiting begins as early as seventh and eighth-grade for top 25 programs and may end before junior year begins.
Help them develop a narrow plan of action to make the most of their time and resources.

Building a resume
Resume needs to be clean simple and easy to access and navigate.
Include tournaments resume academics upcoming schedule awards activities references high school and contact information.
Have it available online and as a hard copy.
Trackman or Flightscope numbers are great.

Create swing video
Players need a good quality swing video that is accessible to coaches.
It needs to be clean and professional approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
A variety of shots and angles need to be shown with a short introduction of yourself.
Introduction should include your name, city, state, and graduating year.
Short putts
Long putts 
Lob shots 
Short iron 
Long iron 
Hybrid, fairway wood 
Eliminate unnecessary time between shots include slow-motion and some comments.

Contact realistic schools
Players need a standard intro email that includes their resume.
Be realistic in the schools that are contacted.
Playing time as a freshman is important goal where they can be 3rd to 4th man/woman on the team.
It will make players more marketable when they have more schools recruiting them and provide leverage when negotiating scholarship.

Please feel free to  contact me with any questions.

College Recruiting Consulting

The recruiting process can become very overwhelming and stressful for junior golfers and their families.  Many recruits get started too late with the process or they spend too much time and energy focused in the wrong direction.  With school, practice, tournaments, workouts and socializing, they find it difficult to keep up with the work it takes the properly navigate the college recruiting process.  Through our College Recruiting Consulting programs and packages we provide the coaching, consulting and mentor ship that families need in order to better manage the process.

“You provided all the help that any family could expect to need in a warm and friendly way.”


Our RecruitCaddy online program is an in-depth college recruiting educational and coaching program. As a member of the program, you will receive full access to all of the college recruiting education, including sample emails to coaches, research tools, questions to ask, preparation for college visits, college coach feedback and many other topics that you will encounter. This content will help guide you throughout the college recruiting process to insure you find the right fit. You will also have access to webinars, videos and discounted consultation rates. In addition, to help you better prepare for college level golf, you will receive structured and track-able practice drills each month which are specific to your current skill level, along with a series of  monthly TPI certified workouts.
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Initial Packages

These options are designed to provide the necessary tools, structure and game plan for afamily to take on the process themselves.  Families will have a much better understanding of where they are in the process, how to best utilize their resources and what steps they need to follow in order to reach their goals.  The player’s on course abilities, work ethic, expectations, commitment level and college recruiting goals will be assessed.

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“You have a tremendous quality of enough “mom,” “coach” and “consultant” that will inspire the confidence of parents”


These individualized programs are designed to provide a junior golf family with more in-depth coaching, consulting and mentorship throughout the entire process.  They will receive not only the necessary tools to begin the process, but also the hands on assistance they need to efficiently navigate the process.  Accountability, preparation, guidance and knowledge on all aspects of the process will be provided.

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