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 I would like to share with you about my  season! I had a lot of exciting events happen.

I would like to thank every one for letting me help them with their games.

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Golf Lesson In Rochester, MN At Hadley Creek Golf Learning Center 1925 County Highway 22, Rochester, MN

I would like to share with you about my  season! I had a lot of exciting events happen.

First, I would like to thank everyone that I worked with;  I would like list everyone’s name.

List of names I gave golf lesson to

Rick C Bob P Todd W Tom T Amy L Genell C Cathy C Erin F Connie John S Kathy K Paul K John V Ruth C Steve Y Roberto P Brian D Joe H Addie M Maryellen Oscar C Greg W Bill T Dick W Bob Larry R Larry S Brian P Jim L Kevin Elivynn Jeremy Wayne L Greg S Lori Mary Bob S Peter M Jon Carrol O  John R  Doug H Melody H Jeff Anne R Gail F Frida C Larry S Pat John J Kaitlyn Phill Tom T Lisa Lorie Steve D Dean Holly Grace Rick S Larry M Julie Franko Bob Marla Darin J Henry Mary M Larry R Tom C Dan F Jim Joe Wayne W Paullet W Vickey M Deb Z Deb G Ron S Steve Leroy L Steve S Wayne A Dave Cristina P Bill H Ryan Mike R Gemma Scott Larry B

Top 10 events that happened in 2011:

10. Gail shooting an 85.
9. Working with a great guy Oscar C from Missouri - 8 hours away!
8. Only having two days open all season because students canceled.
7. Having the best lesson with Dan which made him be able to go out and make some money and getting him back to the 70's.
6. Christina smashing the chipping record to10 chip-ins at 22 yards.
5. Working with Mike first year playing golf chipping in at 31 yards, pitching in at 65 yards for the first time in his life.
4. Erin taking 1st place in the All City Tournament.
3. Roberto shooting even par on nine holes after playing golf for 3 years
2. Larry getting a hole-in-one on #9 125 yards out with a 9 Iron on Sept 8th at Dodge Center Golf Club
1. Ron shooting a 69 at Eastwood golf club 10-11-11.
This was my text message from him “Hey Ryan! Shot a 69 at Eastwood today! 5 birdies, 3 bogies, 10pars. Lowest round ever - last lesson was spot on!”  Did it again! Shot a 69 today at Eastwood. Bogey-free round with back-to-back birdies on 11 & 12. Made par-saving putts of about 8' on holes 16 and 18 to finish the round off. Great putting lessons obi wan! 

I would like to share with you about my 2010 season! I had a lot of exciting events happen.

I thought I would rank them as far as being the top exciting things happening in my golf teaching in 2010.

First, I would like to thank everyone that I worked with; if I was to list everyone’s name it would be a great list! 

My most exciting event that happened was a HOLE IN ONE at Eastwood Golf Club by Robert Perez.  We both worked really hard on getting more accurate with his irons and driver thus gaining more distance, and hitting the ball as pure as I have seen.  This hole was 183 yards so it was no easy shot.  I do have to say a hole in one at a shorter distance is more common but any distance over 175 yards or farther is not very common at all. Thank you for your hard work and seeing the results. I look forward working with you in 2011!! 

I would like to thank Mark for coming all the way from Australia.  He was on a business trip and contacted me to work on his game!  I was very excited to work with someone out of the state and even out of the country.  We worked on his ball striking and hitting the ball a bit straighter and also getting more distance for him!  I was happy to be an international golf instructor.

I would like to thank Jason from Georgia, who also contacted me from out of state.  He had seen my website and wanted to work on his game when he was in town for a business trip.  I saw an out of state number on my phone and very often there are calls with the wrong number.  So thank you Jason for taking the time and choosing me to work on your game with your busy work schedule.  It was great to see you hit the ball solid for the first time to get the feel of hitting the ball the way you should!

I would like to thank Jay from Lake Mills, Iowa.  I was first shocked that someone was willing to travel 2 hours for a golf lesson.  Jay started out like a golfer that plays golf for the fun but never could enjoy the game of golf.  I gave Jay one lesson thinking I might not seem him until next year.  He gave me a call and wanted to set up the next lesson and keep working on his game until we got it as good as he wanted. He also played in a lot of corporate events and was getting a little bit embarrassed because he had lost total control of the golf ball.  So the biggest thing he wanted was to show up and have some fun and play with the boys. I was happy to take his game to the next level. Jay also brought his wife for a lesson. I enjoyed hearing her explain how much Jay was improving his game. To my surprise, she thought she would like a few pointers for her golf game because she was working on getting the ball in the air! In no time she was hitting it like a golfer has been playing for 10 years!!

I would like to thank Cofo; he was one of the first students that I worked with starting The First Tee of Rochester back in 2000.  It was great to have him contact me to work on his game; with who had he had started learning the game. I was happy to see that when we started that program ten years ago, that some of the kids stuck with it.

My last thank you is to all my students that participated in the Get Golf Ready Program based out of The World Golf Foundation located in Florida.  This program is great for the golfer to get an excellent base to their golf game and start the improvement process. It also trains them to hit the ball like it should be hit.  They learn how to hit the ball solid and work on all aspects including Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, and Full swing Irons, and Full Swing Woods.  We also discuss rules and etiquette of the game of golf, which I am finding out that most golfers just starting the game and even the ones that have been playing the game never learn the basics of the game. This program gets them more comfortable on the golf course, in turn making them more confident to play on the golf course. They feel like they belong on the golf course enjoying the game, not being yelled at by other golfers for slow play and hitting it in other fairways!  

Thank you to everyone I worked with this year, I look forward working with you in 2011. Those who have made a verbal commitment to me to work in 2011; I can’t wait to see you around March or April to get you started on the right path.

My ultimate goal is to find your own true swing. In your golf lesson I will answer any questions you may have.  We will set a goal that you will reach at the end of the lesson.  I will ask for a goal you want to reach for the day, month or year.  I will also ask how good of a player you want to be,  how long you have been playing golf, and what you would like to work on during this lesson. After a warm-up, I will capture your swing on video from two different angles.  I will load it onto my computer and we will watch it full speed. We then will watch it in slow motion and talk about what you need to work on and apply it to your golf swing.  You will  notice immediately that you will  be hitting some balls great and some not as well. This is the changing of your old swing into  your new swing. You will gain straighter shots with added distance, more consistency, pure ball striking and hitting the center of the club face.  After that we will review the lesson and I will give you no more than 3 things to practice. After practing for two weeks, I would like you to give me a call so we can discuss how the changes have improved your game.  I will also have the option of recording your swing onto a DVD if you would like a copy of your golf swing.

I would like to tell you a little about my 2009 season.I had a very exciting year!  With the birth of my first child, the excitement never stops.  I also joined the Get Golf Ready Program based out of the World Golf Village.  Only eight golf courses or learning centers in Minnesota take part in this program.  Because I am involved in this program, I was contacted by the PGA and they wanted to do a story on it.  This was my first professional magazine publication in PGA Magazine; it was in October of 2009.  It’s not every day I get a call asking to do an interview about my teaching programs.  I was very excited!  I was also invited to go up to the PGA Championship to talk about what I do but due to my work at Dick’s Sporting Goods I was unable to attend.  Nevertheless, I was excited to be given the chance for such a high profile opportunity!  I also took on the job as the junior high golf coach at Byron School. This was my first time coaching a school team. I have always wanted to do this and seeing the chance of an opening come up, I was excited to be given the job!  We played ten meets and only had 2 losses.  I thought that was great.  I really enjoyed the kids and their golf games and working on drills. Drills that I am sure they never did before.  Due to great weather, for the first time I gave a golf lesson in December outside, I will do it any month as long as we can hit off grass.  I would like to thank everyone who I worked with on the lesson tee, and short game area.  I look forward to working with you in 2010. Shooting for a lower score and a game to enjoy the rest of your life. 

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