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 Titleist Performance Institute

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the leader in golf specific fitness. They have spent the last thirteen years researching the most common swing faults and their body-related causes. They then developed the most comprehensive exercise program available toaddress these physical limitations. 

We can address the 12 most common swing characteristics 

3.Loss of Posture
4. Flat shoulder Plane
5.Early Extension
6. Over-the-top (very negative club path number)
8. Slide
9.Reverse Spine Angel
10.Hanging Back
11.Casting/ Early Release / Scooping
12.Chicken Winging (Can be seen from Down the line as well)

Golfers Screens

Standing Test

Pelvic tilt
Pelvic Rotation
Torso Rotation
Overhead deep squat
Toe Touch
90/90 shoulder 
Single Leg Balance 
Lat Test
Lower Quarter Rotation Test
Cervical Rotation Test
Wrist Mobility 

Seated test
Seated trunk Rotation
Supine Test
Bridge with leg extension
Alternative Test
Reach, roll, lift

Every students has the option to sign up for the TPI membership for $50 per month. Drills, videos and more information. You are signing up for a one year membership. For more information feel free to contact me about this great option. 



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